About me

Javier is a photographer and videographer with more than 10 years of experience, both in Spain and the United Kingdom, in photography and video editing.

He began his career working for local clothing brands, fashion catalog productions, and social media content. He is characterized by her high specialization in digital photographic products such as books, digital composites or video podcast production.

For five years he developed his career in London, where he began collaborating with digital magazines, such as Genteventos.com. As part of his work, he has covered as a photographer events such as LUKA (Latin UK awards), the Spanish Film Festival, among other interviews and events.

In his last stage, he founded his own digital production company Vivelondres.uk. Where he produced video reports on Spanish events in London. In addition to creating the first digital newscast in Spanish of events in London.

On the other hand, she has developed her fashion and modeling side, during her years in London, in studios such as Metro Studios. In addition, on platforms such as i-model-management she has collaborated in the design of books, composites and websites for models.

Although he has never lost his interest in fashion photography, working with fashion companies such as Made Man, Vintagetoujour4u, as a photographer for their fashion catalogs.

Once back in Spain, he continues in the world of fashion, working with brands such as Lehola.es. He being the photographer in charge of taking all the catalog photos and content for the brand.

His work with models is characterized by making high-quality books and composites, especially his black and white, for the models. On his website, you can see some of his composite at studiojavierparra.com/modelo

He has recently opened an online modeling school, where he shares all those basic modeling concepts, and tricks to prepare the sessions, in addition to having other professionals in the sector such as makeup artists, modeling teachers, contest directors and much more … you can sign up at studiojavierparra.com/escuela